Alkaline Water Ionizer Stick

Water stick. Nano ionized water stick. Portable alkaline water stick. Water ionizing stick. Energy water stick. Alkaline ion water stick. Stainless steel water stick. Tourmaline water stick.
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Water filter element can change ordinary clean water into alkaline water with small molecular group and negative ion, which will greatly help our body. Put it into water and stir for a while, water will change amazingly.


You can put it into cup, bucket or other vessels to improve water quality. It's a multi-fuction product.
The effect of making tea is better.
Don't use it together with acidic beverage.
It will be more delicious if you use it to cook rice.
Put our tourmaline micro-electrolysis water producer ( filter element) into tea cup or clean water within 3kg. Before drinking, pls keep our filter element in cold water about 1 min.
constipation, jaded appetite, bellyache, abdominal distension, gastric ulcer, hypertension, coronary heart disease, fat, sleeplessness, noueish intestines and improves skin quality. Also used in subhealthy crowd.
When you use it for the first time, please put filter element in warm water for 20-30 mins, which will wpie off mixed smell, clean it for some time. Don't keep stick into water for a long time.
1) Tenis shape stainless steel design with lockage equipment. (Germs and impurity has positive charges which will activate with negative ion generated by filter element. With lockage design it's very convenient to clean.
2) Simply used, without install. And it fit all vesseles.
3) The way of producing water is various: you can put into 1.2-1.5L tea pot to heating and boiling.Also you can dip it into 300-500ml cool water and hot water.
4) Wide applicable scope: It can be used on running water, mineral water, purified water.
5) Long lifetime: One person can use it for 5 years, filter 2000-5000L water.
6) Using our active water to brew tea, coffee, milk, fruit juice and so on, they will taste mellow.
7) active water, which has high negative potential, can eliminate senescence-free radical. Active water is the most convenient, effective and cheapest way to get rid of free radical. It's the best approach to prevent from senescence.



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